Kundalini Yoga

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga is more than poses. Yoga means "union" and it is the union of soul and spirit. Yoga is the means or path as well as the state of this union. The awakened individual is a yogi.

Know Thyself

Know Thyself | Journey of the Soul

The purpose of life is for us to come to know who we truly are. Under the influence of ego (avidya) and maya, we see ourselves as separate entities when in fact we are One!

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg | Law of Attraction

The true law of attraction is the magnetic pull of Spirit upon the soul (under the spell of ignorance) to awaken. We are all attracted to the ultimate realization of Self!

Yeshua - Jesus Christ

The Enlightened Masters | Gurus

Jesus, Buddha & Krishna are among the most legendary awakened masters who've lived remarkable lives as inspiration for the rest of mankind. Follow their lead and Awaken...

Who Are We?

"One Source Of Universal Love"

1 S.O.U.L. Spiritual Books

1 S.O.U.L. is an acronym for "One Source Of Universal Love." We are a spiritual book publishing company, social network, non-profit organization, entrepreneurial group and spiritual movement!

What We Do?

Holistic living in body mind spirit.

  • Spiritual books, articles & poetry
  • Teach yoga, healthy living & growth
  • Promote greater religious tolerance
  • Advocate universal love & world peace
  • Life coaching & charitable work
  • Networking events & meetups

What People Are Saying?

Pioneering... integrating... divine!

  • Derek Lamar

    "Integrates every aspect of your life!"

    Dr Derek Lamar, Director
  • William Bryant

    "Always willing to assist and lead!"

    William Bryant Jr, Performance Coach
  • Bobette Stanbridge

    "A wonderful writer and spiritual leader!"

    Bobette Stanbridge, Artist

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Epicurus Abundance Quote
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BodyThe body is the condensed form of spirit and energy. The body serves as our vehicle to engage and interact with the physical world of duality. From an awakened place, the body can be a blessing, however, when the consciousness is identified with flesh it can be a limitation.   More


MindThe mind is a "finer" manifestation of body. The mind represents thought and energy. All experiences on the material plane begin with the mind. A restless mind can be debilitating yet a clear, still mind contains tremendous power and energy. A quiet mind begins with pranayama to reveal spirit..   More


SpiritSpirit is the first cause and source of all of creation. Spirit is the infinite void from which all matter is born and returns. Spirit is indefinable, intangible yet omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Spirit is the changeless, eternal reality while all matter is illusory, transient & impermanent yet is the expression of spirit.    More

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